Separerings trummor

Separerings trummor för separering av detaljer för främst formsprutsindustrin.
Beroende av uppgift så finns olika modeller och diametrar

Mer info kommer inom kort!

Type PZ 255 to PZ 3512 B


The separation drum with central adjustment Type PZ 257 B is the best-seller among the MTF separators.

Type 307 B


Perforated drum Type 307 B with plastic-coated hole cage for separation of pieces with different surface areas.

Type I 307 B


Hedgehog drum Type I 307 B with welded, round sleeve pipes for the separation of piece-sprue combinations that tend to interlock.

Type I 307 B


Combination of hedgehog and perforated drum Type I 307 B Sonder for 2-stage separation; i.e., three different pieces can be separated from each other.

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